Technical solutions for the current and next generations of mobility products is an important focus of LIMO technologies and products. Joining of lightweight materials and enabling of new material properties and functionalities will be the key to produce efficient and save cars with traditional and electrical engines. The process and material optimized laser systems can combine selective and precise energy transfer into the various materials and is the basis for productivity and innovation. The optical sensors and cameras using LIMO optics will bring the safety of autonomous driving cars to the aspired breakthrough.  


Additional Applications:

  • Collimation and adaptation of the radiation of diode laser sources for material processing and sensor technology
  • Joining of plastic components and refinement and optimization metal surfaces and coatings
  • Faster and more selective thermal heat treatment in inline processes with sheet metal, coatings and interfacial functionalization’s


Products & Solutions:

  • Optical components
  • Beam shaping systems
  • Line beam laser for material processing
  • Industrial laser systems for material processing
  • Laser process heads for material processing
  • Applications Center
  • Service


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