Diode Lasers for Medical Technology

Today, laser technology is part of everyday medical practice. LIMO’s fully equipped diode laser modules are the perfect answer to the needs of a wide range of laser applications. Our high-quality and extremely reliable laser modules are primarily used in dental, dermal, surgical and urology treatments.

The standard wavelength/power combinations range from 808 nm to 980 nm and 35 W to 60 W.

Benefits and performance of LIMO diode lasers:

  • Low integration cost and quick commissioning
  • Long service life with no maintenance requirements
  • Compact design that comes fully equipped (small housing footprint, lightweight, portable)
  • Hermetically sealed housing
  • Potential-free housing
  • Guaranteed diode lifetime
  • “Fiber fuse” protection (protective window)
  • Visual beam guidance (pilot laser)
  • Real-time power control
  • Low energy consumption

Products & Solutions:

  • Fiber-coupled diode laser modules
  • Exchangeable window for medical lasers


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