Metrology and sensor technology

The use of laser sources in measurement and sensor technology enables faster and more precise recording of measured values. The combination with LIMO micro-optics additionally improves the application-optimized coupling of the light sources into the sensors and distributes the laser light in a defined and efficient way in the measuring room. The optics thus increase the efficiency of the sensors and open up new fields of application for mobile applications as well.


Additional Applications:

  • Field lenses enable higher and directed acceptance angles for line and image sensors
  • Beam shaping optics with multi-faceted lenses for laser-safe measurement of the environment,
    even in mobile applications
  • Homogeneous surface illumination for fast and reliable surface analysis

Products & Solutions:

  • Optical components
  • Beam shaping systems
  • Line beam laser for material processing
  • Industrial laser systems for material processing
  • Laser process heads for material processing
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  • Service


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