Process-optimized Diode Lasers for Laser Transmission Welding of Polymer

For many years, LIMO‘s diode lasers have been used to weld plastics in various different fields, such as the automotive industry, medical technology, the production of white goods (household appliances) and many others. The application optimized high-power lasers featuring integrated real-time process control and customized laser beam shaping.

Contour welding

Mask welding

Simultaneous welding

Quasi-simultaneous welding

Benefits of LIMO's diode lasers for welding of polymer:

  • Process stability through industrial in-process-controls (pyrometer)
  • Process-optimized laser beam
  • Outstanding component access, even for complex 3D shapes
  • Small heat-affected zone and non-destructive processing
  • Non-porous, bubble-free and consistent welding seam – even at high processing speeds

Products & solutions:

  • Line lasers for materials processing
  • Industrial laser systems for materials processing
  • Laser process heads for materials processing
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  • Technical service

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