The breakthrough in new technologies and their applications is rarely achieved with classic tools. From the very beginning, LIMO has been working on concepts and technologies to enable new applications in lighting, materials processing and sensor technology with highly concentrated light. Together with world-leading scientists and industrial companies, optical components and systems have been developed that repeatedly push the limits of feasibility or even enable functions that were previously considered as impossible.


Additional Applications:

  • The intelligent illumination with laser sources, OLED, LED with static or dynamic intensity profiles
  • Reshaping and activating material properties that do not occur or are rare in nature
  • Selective optimization of mechanical, electrical and optical properties at and in interfaces of composite and hybrid materials


Products & Solutions:

  • Optical components
  • Beam shaping systems
  • Line beam laser for material processing
  • Industrial laser systems for material processing
  • Laser process heads for material processing
  • Applications Center
  • Service


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