Beam Shaping for Semiconductor Production Technology

Micro-optical solutions have become indispensable part of complex illumination systems used for high performance semiconductor industry. For many years now, leading semiconductor equipment manufacturers have benefited from numerous advantages of LIMO's refractive micro-optics. Working close with our customers, we specialize in providing new and innovative solutions or an optimization of an existing method.

This is how LIMO's micro-optical solutions help the semiconductor industry to gain the best precision and resolution for their own production. With these solutions LIMO has made a contribution to enable optical lithographic production of sub 30 nm structures.

Advantages of LIMO's solutions:

  • Deep lens profiles for large angles (hyper NA)
  • High homogeneity (better than 1%)
  • High efficiency (97%) due to the high filling factor and optimized optical surfaces
  • Compensation of beam displacement by homogenizers (beam stabilization)
  • Continuous quality inspection
  • Metalized and soldered optics
  • Long lifetime
  • Clean room compatible
  • Complete optical module solution with easy usage (beveled edges and mechanical holder) and implementation
  • Large range of high quality materials such as glasses (fused silica, S-TIH53, BK7), crystals (CaF2, MgF2, YAG, LuAG), semiconductors (Si, Ge, ZnSe)
  • Different shapes through individual cutting
  • Wide spectrum of intensity distribution by free form lens surfaces
  • Every single lens of a microlens array with its own individual profile contributes to special customized and optimized solutions
  • High-precision manufacturing process on wafer basis with high rate of repeatability and reproducibility

Products & Solutions:

  • Microlens arrays
  • Homogenizers
  • Homogenizer modules
  • Design


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