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About Us

Founded in 1992 - 200 employees - 15 nations - 274 patents

For more than 20 years LIMO has been known in the photonics industry as the leading company in laser beam shaping. At LIMO’s headquarter in Dortmund an international team of more than 200 engineers, physicists, technicians and many other specialized staff develops, manufactures and sells innovative micro-optics and laser systems.

From the start we built a worldwide reputation with our refractive micro-optics. Soon afterwards we added high-power diode lasers and beam shaping systems for all types of lasers to the portfolio. Today we are the only company whose core competence uniquely combines optics design with laser systems and materials processing know-how.

This makes us an important and reliable partner for specialized laser solutions in various industries. We accompany our customers from the initial idea to the installation of the complete solution. We have helped our customers to become more successful for many years for example in semiconductor manufacturing, flat panel display production, medical equipment manufacturing, in the automotive industry and many other laser applications. Our 300 patents stand for unique customer-specific solutions.