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Career at LIMO

The next generation of photonics technology opens up a wide range of new applications. LIMO provides years of experience in the industrial use of new photonic technologies like micro optics, diode lasers and laser systems.

Our products are used in the medicine, in the photovoltaic and in the flat panel display production as well as in the automotive industry. For example: LIMO lasers weld thermoplastics and metal or were used as surgical scalpel.

LIMO - world-market leader in refractive micro-optics – focuses on innovations. And therefore, we focus on our staff’s own-initiative and their tireless thirst for knowledge to bring innovative ideas to life and make them useful for our customers.

At LIMO's headquarters in Dortmund, Germany, an international team of more than 215 engineers, physicists, technicians and many other specialized staff from 15 nations develops customized solutions and manufactures innovative products.