We shape light and make it usable for industry and research! With precision optical components and efficient beam shaping solutions!


Since its inception in 1992, LIMO GmbH has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers of optics and beam shaping solutions, as well as a pioneer of groundbreaking new photonics production technologies. The company develops and produces high-precision micro-optics for diode lasers, industrial laser systems for innovative materials processing, and complete optical systems for efficient production processes that use linear laser beam profiles.


Products and solutions

In the field of optical components, LIMO is currently one of the world’s major suppliers of glass cylindrical lenses thanks to its highly productive wafer-based manufacturing technology. LIMO specializes in precision optics for all diode laser types (single emitters, bars, and stacks) and all power classes. LIMO’s portfolio of optical components includes Fast Axis and Slow Axis collimation lenses, beam transformation systems, collimation modules, fiber couplers, homogenizers, compact beam shapers, and microlens arrays.

The cost-efficient wafer-based production technology with wafer sizes of up to 300 x 300 mm² makes it possible to produce tens of thousands of lenses from high-grade glass and crystal in a single process step, with a consistently high level of quality. LIMO is the world’s only manufacturer to offer large-batch production of glass FAC lenses on wafer sizes greater than 100 x 100 mm². Combined with a significantly expanded production capacity, LIMO’s highly productive and cost-efficient operations mean that the company can continue to meet the growing global demand for optics in innovative photonics- and laser-based applications and technologies well into the future.


On the strength of its expertise in the fields of optics and beam shaping, LIMO also provides application-optimized industrial laser systems for innovative materials processing. Beam shaping is a critical factor for the ability to achieve optimal results in laser materials processing. The micro-optics from LIMO can shape laser beams to create point-form, linear, rectangular, and other custom geometries, and can therefore be used to optimize the beams for each specific application. The product lineup in this category includes fiber-coupled diode laser modules featuring an intelligent laser processing head. These modules are primarily used in plastics welding, for example, on automotive components and in medical technology, and are suitable for welding all commonly used plastic materials.

LIMO also offers expertise in the area of beam shaping systems based on diode lasers, where the flexible design of the module arrays allows the linear laser beam to be scaled. As a result, surfaces and materials can be processed with high precision and superior productivity across large areas. This means that LIMO delivers solutions which are both technically and economically efficient for a wide range of different applications, industries, and processes such as tempering, annealing, semiconductor layer crystallization, and the functionalization of coatings, for example, on glass, metal, films, and paper.


In the field of efficient surface-processing technology, the optical systems segment specializes in providing complete solutions with custom-shaped line beam profiles for display production. LIMO develops and produces technologically sophisticated modules that feature integrated micro-optics systems and scalable laser lines in lengths of 100 mm to 1000 mm. These modules arepredominately used as a non-destructive way to separate the substrate in laser lift-off methods. The beam shaping systems are easily integrated into existing production equipment, while the laser source and beam profiles are designed to fit the exact requirements of the customer’s process before being fine-tuned at LIMO’s in-house Applications Center. LIMO offers exceptional expertise and experience in the industrial production of flexible OLED displays for durable, high-performance mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches. This makes LIMO a supplier of one of the key technologies for current trends as well as the vigorously growing consumer electronics market.


Customers and applications

With its innovative optics and laser system solutions, LIMO serves customers from all over the world in a wide range of different industries, including the laser, display production, semiconductor manufacturing and automotive industries, and the fields of measurement engineering, plastics processing and medical technology. The products and services provided by the company include both standard offerings and solutions tailor-made to fit individual applications.

With its highly specialized know-how and many years of experience in the field of laser beam shaping, LIMO has both enabled and guided the rapid development of photonics and laser technology. As a micro-optics specialist, the company has also already developed innovative concepts and cost-efficient solutions to address the markets and trends of the future—be it autonomous driving, smart sensors, or high-capacity energy storage.