LIMO's Core Technology - Wafer-Based Production of Optics

LIMO’s core competence is the wafer-based production of cylindrical lenses from glass and other optical materials. LIMO draws on decades of experience with this highly productive manufacturing technology to create added value for its customers and meet the growing marketplace demands for greater performance and volume. This results in an ability to quickly scale production quantities into the millions while keeping the quality of the optics consistently high. How does LIMO do it?

Production equipment

The high-precision tools needed for our wafer-based production are specially designed and crafted by our very own LIMO specialists. These tools are integrated into production systems whose main components are also developed by LIMO and are adapted to meet specific process requirements.

Production process

The core processes of our production method are developed and optimized in-house by LIMO specialists. All lenses are structured and polished on a wafer at the same time. The processing time therefore remains the same, regardless of how big the wafers are. This unique technology allows LIMO to offer the fastest possible processing speed currently available in optics manufacturing.

Quality assurance

Aside from the typical final tests and standardized measurement of lens geometries, LIMO has expanded its quality assurance approach to include an additional procedure that takes place even before the production process has finished. This procedure uses surface measurement to simulate the behavior of the lenses in their specific application, which in turn makes it possible to check their optical performance and make any necessary corrections. This extra quality assurance step maximizes yield while making it possible to reliably supply large quantities of lenses.