Quality Policy

LIMO's goal is to continually improve all internal and external processes, products and services. In doing this, we strive to achieve the highest possible customer satisfaction through economical solutions that provide the best value and competitive advantage for our customers. 

Everyone at LIMO is individually committed to contribute and adhere to this policy.

LIMO ISO certificate (9001:2015)

Test Laboratories - Quality Assurance

The quality assurance of LIMO products is decisive for our customers. That is why we have designed a new quality assurance strategy which combines high-precision, commercially available measuring systems - such as surface profilometers - with the worldwide unique functional tests developed by LIMO for the testing of individual optics. Therefore, our clients benefit from our customized solutions and services from the development stage to the point of quality assurance, available for both - single products and mass production.

The systems are tested in the way they are used by the customer. One main aspect of this testing is the characterization of the laser beam geometries and their intensity distribution. Due to high technical requirements for our products, we have technically upgraded numerous commercially available measuring systems and equipped our test laboratories with such machines. Our systems work with a resolution of up to 0.1 % and a reproducibility exceeding 99.5 %. They cover the entire spectral range of high-power lasers.