LIMO's Quality Policy

LIMO GmbH is one of the world’s leading experts in the field of efficient beam shaping. We are an international team that develops, produces, and markets optical systems, optical components, and laser systems. In doing so, our aim is to expand the potential of light and allow to make it usable technically and cost-efficiently for individual applications in both industry and research. Achieving this takes more than extensive experience, technical expertise, and innovative strength, however. Our mission is to deliver a superior level of quality in our products, processes, and services in order to maximize the satisfaction of our customers and all other stakeholders involved.

Our standard for quality is based on the needs of our customers. In the end, only the customer can determine what quality is truly worth. It is therefore vital that we understand the requirements of our customers and provide them with cost-effective solutions perfectly designed to fit their individual applications.

For us, implementing and living out these quality values starts at the managerial level. As a result, it is standard practice for us to anchor these quality goals—based on our Quality Policy—in both our corporate objectives and our strategy.

All LIMO employees are aware of their obligation to deliver quality, and each staff member does his or her own part to contribute. By providing training programs and encouraging active participation, we promote the skills and motivation of our employees to help reinforce our Quality Policy.

All aspects of our work are focused on continuous improvement and shaped by measures designed to prevent errors, minimize risks, and take advantage of opportunities. Right from the start, our processes are created, their quality performance monitored, and our suppliers and materials chosen in a way that allows us to ensure the necessary quality of the products and services we offer.

Throughout all of this, we see to it that legal and regulatory requirements are met at every step of the way. In particular, we make it our top priority to comply with occupational safety and environmental protection regulations.

We are committed to this philosophy in order to maintain the loyalty of our customers by delivering the highest possible quality on a consistent basis. As a member of the Focuslight Group, we strive to actively achieve Group objectives and to help shape the Group with innovative contributions.


ISO certification

LIMO's development, manufacturing and sales of high-precision micro-optics, high power diode lasers and beam shaping systems fulfill the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001:2015: LIMO ISO certificate