Environmental & Social Responsibility

At LIMO, we take environmental and labor protection legislation and occupational safety regulations very seriously. We are aware of our social and environmental responsibility. We protect our environment and practice the careful use of all natural resources. In doing so, we consider energy-efficient and resource-friendly processes to be just as important as taking sustainable steps towards environmental conservation.

The following list highlights some of the measures implemented by LIMO to preserve a healthy environment:

  • Use of aerators on the water spigots at our Dortmund Wickede location
  • Consolidation of heating systems across multiple buildings in order to reduce the base load
  • Equipping PC devices with power switches to avoid using energy in standby mode
  • Installation of a central control system for compressed air production in order to reduce supply pressure by 1 bar
  • Cogeneration of heat and power on air compressors
  • Use of water-soluble adhesive for glass processing
  • Avoidance of unnecessary measuring log printouts
  • Removal of redundant lighting equipment
  • Recycling of paper, metal, electronic devices and hazardous materials
  • Reduction of customers' process-related pollution and hazardous materials though the use of LIMO technology