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LIMO develops and produces optical components, efficient beam shaping systems / solutions, application-optimized laser and optical systems for various markets and applications.

Applications and Markets

Whether it's materials processing, illumination or measurement technology: light and laser technologies form the basis of technological progress in many different fields, and in applications in both research and industry. When it comes to shaping light with fine-tuned focusing and high precision, optical solutions are the critical link between the light source and the application itself. With LIMO's beam shaping capability – our Beam Shaping Excellence – light is individually adapted to fit each application, allowing it to be used as a cost-efficient technical tool.

LIMO already successfully develops and produces:
  • Optical components
  • Efficient beam shaping systems and solutions
  • Application-optimized laser and optical systems

for various markets and applications:

Looking to optimize your production by reducing costs or boosting productivity? Need to process new materials or develop new applications for the latest technology trends, e.g. in the fields of mobility, energy storage or new energies? By working closely with you, we can grow the potential of light and unlock new dimensions in industrial production.

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