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micro-optics and free-form optics

High-Quality, High-Precision Optics Solutions

The LIMO success story began with the production of micro-optics. Our many years of experience in designing and producing high-precision lenses are the foundation of LIMO's beam shaping capabilities: our Beam Shaping Excellence. LIMO provides optical components that deliver superior quality and precision for various different markets and applications, such as micro-optics for the production and optimization of all types of laser sources and systems and free-form optics in customer-specific designs for imaging and sensor technology.

LIMO's lenses are manufactured exclusively in a wafer-based batch process. This method allows us to cost-effectively produce several thousands of high-quality lenses in a single step, in standard or customer-specific free-form designs.

Other advantages of LIMO's optics solutions:

  • Consistent beam quality
  • Superior optical efficiency
  • Diffraction-limited beam shaping
  • Homogenization of single and multi-mode lasers
  • Compact design
  • High-grade durable materials such as fused silica, optical glass and crystals
  • Production in any desired quantity (from single lenses to larger volumes)
  • Wavelength spectra for all lasers (from UV to IR)

Products and solutions:

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