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L³ LIMO Line Lasers®: Next Generation Surface Engineering

L³ LIMO Line Lasers® technology opens up new dimensions in the functionalization of surfaces and coatings, and enables new, innovative solutions in photovoltaics, electronics and many other industries. Simultaneous processing with scalable line lasers vastly increases processing speed and productivity. Moreover, the homogeneous intensity distribution of the laser line profile achieves uniform and constant processing results.

Automated Micro-Optics Assembly by LIMO

Previously, micro-optics could only be aligned and assembled by hand. But now the “LAMBDA2” enables high-performance diode laser production to be fully automated. The equipment enables the automated alignment and assembly (bonding) of a BTS in front of a laser diode bar.

Multi-functional Diode Lasers for Materials Processing

LIMO’s diode laser systems open up new opportunities in materials processing. They are used for welding plastics in the automotive industry, for example in medical engineering and in many other industries. The clear advantages of the LIMO laser materials processing solutions include improved machining results as a result of flexible, customized beam shaping, process reliability through using intelligent processing tools and energy-saving laser modules.

Activation Line M – Surface Heat Treatment with Scalable Productivity

  • Modular, scalable laser system for industrial high speed surface heat treatment with highest productivity and efficiency
  • Selective dynamic thermal refinement of coatings and surfaces on metals, glass, semiconductors, polymers and more
  • New optical, mechanical and electrical functionality and performance level of materials using millisecond very Rapid Thermal Processing (vRTP) with precise and adjustable process energy and dwell time
  • High temperature heat treatment without changing the functionality of the substrate material