Optics with 3D free-form surfaces

LIMO is expanding its range of available 3D free-form optics surfaces in 2017. Send us a request for your very own custom-made high-precision optics!

In 2017, LIMO is expanding its range of 3D free-form surfaces for optical components available for use in various different laser applications and in the imaging and sensor technology fields.

LIMO will be able to create the following lens shapes – handling everything from design to production – on a customer-specific basis starting in 2017:

  • concave
  • convex
  • toric
  • (a)spherical
  • (a)cylindrical
  • true free-form
  • single lenses
  • lens arrays
  • combinations of single lenses and lens arrays

Do you need custom-made optics? Looking to order single lenses or larger quantities? Send us your request today at info(at)limo.de.