Customized Solutions

In addition to LIMO's standard solutions, we offer development and manufacturing of components and systems for customized solutions. The advantage lies in the function- and cost optimization of the product.

For a target-oriented and timely realization of the customer's requirements, we offer a competent product-management-team and all the organizational advantages of professional project management. Our international teams develop and implement worldwide tailored solutions jointly with the customers.

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Get an impression of cooperation with LIMO:

  • Illumination of Semiconductor Chips
  • Structuring of Flat Screen Pixels
  • Continental (Previously Siemens VDO)
  • Diode Laser Systems for Direct Applications and Pump Sources
  • Lasers for Medical Equipment
  • Laser-Based Display Technologies for Consumer Electronics
  • IPHT: Crystallisation of a-Si for Photovoltaics (PV)
  • Homogenizer for Solar Cell Processing
  • MEDICOM - Plastic joining

Please contact Dirk Hauschild for further information about references: info(at)!