Activation Line IR - Boosting materials and surface processing productivity with line laser systems

LIMO’s Activation Line IR industrial laser system unlocks new dimensions in materials and surface processing, and can both improve materials and surfaces while also making them compatible with new applications. In this way, Activation Line IR is revolutionizing industrial production technologies in a host of different industries.

The technology uses long, narrow laser lines to process large areas uniformly and with high precision. Because processing takes place simultaneously, it also delivers a major productivity boost. Thanks to its scalability, the Activation Line IR is suitable for use in industrial production operations that process over 1 million m2 in area per year. With its ultra-compact design, the system is easily integrated into existing production lines (e.g., in in-line and roll-to-roll processes).

Benefits of the Activation Line IR

  • Superior productivity in scan & repeat and in-line processes
  • Scalable lines for greater flexibility
  • Consistent process results
  • Selective numerical surface heating with no impact on substrate material

Application examples

  • Laser cleaning               
  • Hardening, sintering
  • Crystallization, annealing   

Processing for a wide range of materials

  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Polymers and much more




Flexible line design

LIMO develops innovative and cost-efficient industrial laser systems—from creating a concept and defining the process parameters to delivering the finished solution. At our Applications Center, we conduct processing tests together with the customer to determine the appropriate beam parameters. The final ingredient to our holistic approach is the LIMO service portfolio, which includes training, integration and maintenance. This allows us to help our customers and partners achieve reliable production processes and thus strengthen their productivity and competitiveness.


Activation Line IR parameters:

  • Line length: from 112 mm bis ∞
  • Line width: 0.4 or 0.8 mm
  • Intensity: >4 or >8 kW/cm²
  • Working distance: 180 or 400 mm
  • Depth of focus (DOF): ± 1 or ± 3 mm

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