L³ LIMO Line Lasers® - large-area, rapid processing of materials and surfaces using line lasers

L³ LIMO Line Lasers® technology opens up whole new approaches to functionalizing surfaces and coatings, and for laser material processing. LIMO line lasers revolutionize processing across diverse industries by enabling customers to improve materials and to equip materials with the properties required for use in new applications.




Benefits of the L³ LIMO Line Lasers® technology:

  • Simultaneous treatment greatly increases process velocity and productivity
  • Precision heating (heating and cooling the surface in a matter of micro- or milliseconds)
  • Uniform and consistent processing as a result of homogeneous intensity distribution of the laser line beam profile and continuous wave operation
  • Throughput of several million square meters per year
  • Flexible use due to scalable line laser system

LIMO's line-shaped, high-power diode laser sources are useable for the surface treatment and laser material processing in all kinds of applications in many different industries:

  • Optimizing/finishing function layers (e.g. for glass and in the flat-screen display industry)
  • Tempering
  • Annealing
  • Crystallization (e.g. semiconductor layers)
  • Drying
  • Polymer welding  (Technical journal article on laser transmission welding with line lasers)
  • Laser-induced thermal imaging (LITI) (e.g. for manufacturing flat-screen displays)
  • Cross-linking
  • Optical inspection (e.g. measuring the photoluminescence of solar cells)

Typical long-axis line beam profile of the L³ LIMO Line Laser®:

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