Optical Components for Outstanding Brilliance

LIMO's portfolio of optical components includes:

  • Micro-optics for all laser types (e.g., for high-power diode lasers: single emitters, bars and stacks)
  • Precision optics for various applications (e.g., homogenizers for lithography)

LIMO produces optical components in a wafer-based batch process, making it possible to cost-effectively manufacture several thousand lenses in a single step. Our production process is also numerically controlled and monitored. This allows series production of lenses that deliver consistently high quality.

    Other benefits of our optical components include:

    • Long service life, even at the highest laser outputs
    • Precision aspheres, even with high NAs
    • Acylindrical lenses with superior optical performance
    • Made from various different materials, e.g. fused silica, optical glass and crystals
    • Easy to integrate thanks to functional optical and mechanical surfaces
    • Production of the smallest micro-optics to large optical components and lens arrays (substrate size of up to 300 x 350 mm²)
    • Choose from standard lenses or free-form lenses in customer-specific designs
    • From design to production – one single source for the entire manufacturing process
    • Production of single units to higher volumes as needed
    • Contract manufacturing for optical systems in the UV to IR wavelength range