Diffractive Beam Splitter with Highest Efficiency of 95%

Unlike the conventional binary Diffractive Optical Elements (DOE), LIMO's beam splitter has a continuous profile with the following benefits:

  • High diffractive efficiency up to 95 – 97%
  • Absence of undesired ghost beams
  • Low inhomogeneity between the beams
  • Large beam angles possible
  • High damage threshold due to smooth profiles and used materials
  • Cost-effective solutions for a broad range of materials, such as fused silica or CaF2 for high-power and UV applications
  • Highest level of quality thanks to the wafer-based mass production technology
Wavelength [nm]Number of beamsBeam-beam angle [mrad]Efficiency [%]
5321:11595 +/-2
10641:1121,395 +/-2

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