Compact Beam Shaper for Precision Laser Beam Shaping

LIMO's process head Compact Beam Shaper (CBS) has a compact design and uses integrated high-grade micro-optics to generate line-shaped or square laser beams. Each of these two beam geometries is available in various different sizes. The result: LIMO's latest beam shaping module provides a budget-friendly way to complement any basic equipment for laser application development, in both scientific and industrial fields.

The features of the CBS include:

  • slim-design aluminum housing (diameter of 30.5 mm; 80 mm long)
  • Inhomogeneity across entire area is < 15%
  • line-shaped and square beam geometry 
  • with SMA905 connection
Field size [mm²]Working distance WD [mm]

2.0 x 2.0


6.0 x 6.0


10.5 x 10.5


46.0 (top hat) x 1.6 (gaussian like)


This process tool is compatible with all diode lasers up to 120 W with a wavelength of 808 – 990 nm and an available SMA connection. With the right beam geometry, the Compact Beam Shaper can be used in application-specific laser material processing, e.g. for:

  • selective heat treatment of various different materials (such as metal)
  • plastics welding
  • soldering
  • tempering
  • and much more!

Typical beam geometries:

Need a matching fiber or maybe even a diode laser to go with your CBS? No problem!

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