High-Precision Beam Shaping with LIMO Homogenizer

Top hat, rectangular, square and lines – the LIMO homogenizers can produce many different beam shapes making it extremely versatile in use. LIMO beam shaping solutions are already being used successfully in production as substrates and as complete modules.

In addition to standard homogenizer substrates, LIMO also offers customized solutions. Our production technology enables us to produce customized freeform surfaces with highest precision on different wafer sizes (up to 300 mm).


  • Handles a wide range of field geometries
  • Homogeneity up to the technical limits (<1% P-V)
  • High NA, high fill factor and retention of polarization
  • Optical efficiency up to 90 % help to cut the cost of expensive laser energy
  • Manufactured from high-quality materials, e.g. fused silica, CaF2
  • Suitable for many different laser sources (e.g. excimer laser, solid-state laser, diode laser)


Our standard homogenizer substrates are used individually or as pairs for uniform laser illumination. LIMO's precision homogenizers are used in the exposure units (steppers and scanners) in microlithography.

Further application examples:

  • Ablation
  • Annealing
  • Tempering
  • Semiconductor industry
  • FPD (flat panel displays)
  • PV (photovoltaics)
Effective focal length [mm]Pitch [mm]Size [mm²]webshop
4.23 - 61.60.512x12


ZLA000238 (SALE)

ZLA000240 (SALE)

ZLA000485 (SALE)

8.55 - 206.50.820x20

ZLA000509 (SALE)

ZLA000243 (SALE)

ZLA000507 (SALE)

ZLA000511 (SALE)

5.88 - 98.31.335x35

ZLA000788 (SALE)

ZLA000743 (SALE)

ZLA000745 (SALE)

In addition to customized homogenizer substrates, LIMO also offers onesided structured microlens arrays. More information on that can be found here.

Homogenizer Modules

We offer customized homogenizer modules as well as complete beam shaping systems including scanner - according to your requirements.

Homogenizer module (beam shaper 180 x 180 mm²) for off-axis illumination

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