Microlens Arrays - Free Form Lenses with Highest Precision

In addition to standardized microlens arrays LIMO offers customized microlens arrays. Our production technology enables us to produce customized freeform surfaces with highest precision on different wafer sizes (up to 300 mm).

LIMO's technology allows the processing of a large range of materials, such as:

  • Optical glass: fused silica, BK7, S-TIH53
  • Crystals: CaF2, YAG, LuAG
  • Semiconductors: Si, Ge, ZnSe
  • Ceramics
Effective focal length [mm]Pitch [mm]Size [mm²]webshop
4.23 - 61.60.512x12


8.55 - 206.50.820x20

ZLA001103 (SALE)

ZLA000487 (SALE)

ZLA001107 (SALE)

ZLA001108 (SALE)

5.88 - 98.31.335x35

ZLA001102 (SALE)

ZLA000742 (SALE)

ZLA000791 (SALE)

ZLA000796 (SALE)

ZLA001688 (SALE)

LIMO also offers double-sided structured microlens arrays which can be used for uniform laser illumination. Please find more information on our homogenizers here.

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Comparison of three surfaces with increasing complexity:

Cross-section of a symmetrical and asymmetrical microlens array: