Slow-Axis-Collimator Arrays (SAC)

The Slow-Axis Collimators consist of a monolithic array of cylindrical lenses. The very low curvature deviation of the individual lenses of the array ensures most efficient collimation of the light of all emitters of a laser bar for high power applications.

Thanks to the enhancements of the production process, LIMO has the capability of producing up to 300-mm glass wafers (12 inches x 12 inches). The result: several thousand SACs with consistently high optical quality can be made from just one of these wafers in series production.

Applications for SAC

  • collimation of high-power diode lasers and fiber lasers
  • fiber coupling
  • SACs made of fused silica optimized for high-power blue wavelength range applications
Emitter size/pitch [µm]Remaining divergence [mrad]webshop

50 / 500

15ZLA000570 (SALE)

100 / 500


100 / 1000

12,5 / 28,5 

150 / 500



150 / 500


200 / 400


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