Fast large-area processing of materials and surfaces with line beam shaping


LIMO's Activation Line unlocks entirely new dimensions in the world of surface and coating functionalization, revolutionizing industrial production technologies across a wide range of different industries. It gives customers the ability to both make materials better and use them in new applications.

The Activation Line produces long, narrow laser lines with precise beam parameters. This line beam shaping can be perfectly adapted to fit the customer's individual application and process needs. At LIMO's Applications Center, application tests are performed to define each individual processing parameter. Here, customers benefit from LIMO's extensive process expertise in the field of laser materials processing.

Activation Line features and benefits:

  • Complete solution with customized line beam shaping
  • Faster process speeds, greater process efficiency and higher productivity through simultaneous large-area processing along the laser line
  • Uniform and consistent high-quality process results thanks to a homogeneous intensity distribution of the line beam profile
  • Scalable laser line: Line length can be flexibly adapted to meet new process requirements
  • Source independence: Whether it's L³ LIMO Line Lasers® with a built-in line beam shaping solutions or an optical beam shaping system with an added laser source (e.g. excimer or solid state laser), the source that provides the best possible technical and economic solution can be selected
  • Highly versatile: Can be integrated into existing process structures or used to build new processes


The Activation Line allows processing of a host of different surfaces and materials so that the electrical, mechanical and optical properties of functional layers can be activated, optimized, or removed with defined precision.

Examples of applications/materials:

  • Lift-off process and crystallization in the production of displays and LEDs
  • Crystallization, drying and sintering of solar cells
  • Functional optimization of coated float glass
  • Functionalization of metals and metallic surfaces
  • Activation of doping materials in semiconductors
  • OLEDs, energy storage, printed electronics, polymers
LIMO's Activation Line solutions:


Line length


Process type

Application area


100 mm
250 mm
380 mm
750 mm
1000 mm

343 or 355 nm

LLO – laser Lift-Off

Flat-panel display

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Industrial beam shaping system for ultra-narrow ultraviolet lines (> 750 mm length):